Every issue and each state brings a different set of stakeholders, and your collaborators on one issue may be on the other side of the table on another issue. Determine where you have mutual objectives and outcomes with Spinnaker, then use the software to "circle the wagons" and create a plan that engages the appropriate partners.

Create a Plan
When a key issue is on the line, create a plan to reach out to legislators or agencies. Spinnaker provides an easy way to define a coalition plan by:
  • selecting the legislators and officials integral to the issue
  • listing members of your coalition
  • matching members to legislators for visits
  • defining any educational materials for the plan
With many plans in many states, your other active plans are summarized in a column at the left.

Fast Updates
Spinnaker makes it easy to update information as a legislator’s position is determined on your issue. Everyone in your coalition can make an update when they have new information. A summary status bar at the top right shows current standings on the issue, with information on both officials as well as other members of your initiative.

Anywhere Access
Expand your plan's scope and impact by allowing coalition members to identify their legislative relationships in the plan. Anyone with a smart phone can update of their legislator visits in real-time, rather than wasting time tracking down and polling the group for updates.