How do I start using the Spinnaker app?

You need two things to get started:
1) a tablet computer
2) a legislative tracking service
Then, go to www.spinnakerapp.com/register and follow the on-screen instructions to get started using Spinnaker.

Which tablet do I need?

Spinnaker is designed to work on any tablet, but we recommend the iPad® 2 with 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G or higher for maximum connectivity. Any comparable tablet (storage and connectivity) should be sufficient.

Can I just use Spinnaker on my desktop or laptop?

As with most tablet apps, Spinnaker was specifically designed for the mobile platform and is best accessed via touch screen controls rather than with a mouse. Spinnaker levereages leading edge technology to give you new freedom, with no need to be tied to a desktop or bulky laptop.

What happens if I lose my tablet?

Simply contact us and we will remotely disable Spinnaker on that tablet -- just like a credit card. We will then provide you with a new link to access your information. Spinnaker and the iPad® 2 both come with log-in security that give you double protection if this occurs.

Where does Jasos get the data?

Bills and regulations come from your legislation tracking service. Once we are added as a courtesy copy (cc’d) on your service alerts, we are notified on the legislation you are tracking. We then automatically update Spinnaker accordingly for you.

Can I buy legislative tracking services from Jasos?

No, but we can refer you to a service so you can get started using Spinnaker.

How often is my information updated?

New bills and regulations are added to Spinnaker when received from your legislation tracking service. Updates to existing legislation occur as States publish new information.

My colleague and I share responsibilty for one state. How can we jointly use Spinnaker?

Spinnaker is user specific and is linked to the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) for each user’s tablet. Once you and your colleague each have Spinnaker on your tablets, you can share and alert the other on legislation, hearings and officials, as well as be a part of each other’s action plans.

Is there an easy way to input all my contacts?

Yes, if you have an iPad® 2, you can sync all of your Outlook® contacts to Spinnaker with the free Funambol app from iTunes®.

Can the Spinnaker app be customized for my company?

Yes, if you are a corporate user, please contact Jasos to see how we can help meet your needs. The beta user of Spinnaker was a large pharmaceutical company that found great value in their customized version.