You need a scorecard to keep up with the ever-changing roster of participants in state legislatures, organizations and the government affairs arena:
  • 7,400 legislators, each with multiple staff members and sitting on many committees
  • 45,000 registered state lobbyists
  • 96,000 advocacy groups and associations

Each one of these people could impact the issues your care about, and even the way your organization does business. So where do you turn for information and support? Spinnaker's Organize function makes it easy.

Legislators and Committees
Spinnaker contains full information (including pictures!) of the 7,400 state legislators. You can also view committees and their members. Spinnaker also lists agency information and leadership, as well as maps to find the location of those agencies around the capital city.

Advocacy Groups
With tens of thousands of advocacy groups and associations, just in healthcare, it can be difficult to keep track of which ones impact your issues. Spinnaker organizes the information with complete contact information and a list of any financial support you’ve provided.

Contributors List
When it’s time to collaborate with like-minded organizations and advocacy groups, where do you turn? Spinnaker provides a list of other contributors and amounts, offering a good indication of potential partners and others that may be affecting your issue.

When you need a lobbyist with expertise in a particular issue, located in a particular state, use Spinnaker to track down the right resources.View listings of registered lobbyists by state, including contact information.