The Spinnaker App

Spinnaker makes keeping up with multiple issues in multiple states easy. Whether in your office or on the go, you can remain current on the critical elements of the issues and activities you need to manage.

One glance at the home screen and you’re current on all of your activities, thanks to:
  • Issue alerts
  • Listing of active plans
  • Calendar displaying key dates

Intuitive graphics show the status of:
  • Bills
  • Regulations
  • Hearings
  • Rumors

A color-coded calendar highlights:
  • Hearings
  • Committee deadlines
  • Comment deadlines
  • State sine die dates

When you are engaged on many key issues, your plans for each key issue are summarized on the landing page, so you know instantly where you are succeeding or need to take remedial action.

The Spinnaker app was built to work on a range of technology platforms, including the iPad. That means your data, contacts and reference materials can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Spinnaker is revolutionizing the practice of government affairs by assimilating all of the details you need at your fingertips, freeing you to concentrate on strategy, collaboration and issue management.